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Domain Name Frenzy – The Hottest Recent Sales Across Major Marketplaces 27-May-2024

mind tracker

The domain name aftermarket continues its blistering pace, with valuable domain names across all sectors and extensions fetching impressive sale prices.

From short brandables to geo-domains to niche industry terms, let’s dive into some of the biggest recent domain sales at major marketplaces like Dan.com, Afternic, GoDaddy, Sedo, DropCatch and more.

Topping the charts is mindtracker.com which sold for a staggering $19,995 on Dan.com. Incorporating the trendy “tracker” term, this brandable could be a great fit for mindfulness, mental health or personal growth apps and services. Not far behind is the ultra-short theo.xyz domain, selling for $19,888 at Afternic, highlighting the red-hot demand for pronounceable .xyz brandables.

Several lucrative geo-domains and niche industry terms traded hands as well. Salescoaching.com went for $10,250 on GoDaddy – a perfect fit for a sales training business.

Melbournestar.com fetched the same $10,250 price tag, likely appealing to businesses operating in Melbourne. Meanwhile, on the niche term side, xicohmexicano.com sold for $5,888 (a play on “psycho” for a Mexican company) and olivebrooklyn.com went for $5,300 – a geographic domain ideal for an olive oil or restaurant brand in Brooklyn.

Beyond those, other standout sales include:

$6,842 for alani.de on Sedo
$5,300 for tour.tw on Sedo $4,900 for suoha.com on GoDaddy
$4,636 for cedefi.com on DropCatch $4,250 for gregledet.net on GoDaddy $4,090 for shroomies.com on GoDaddy $3,150 for abespa.com on GoDaddy $3,116 for thebostonshaker.com on DropCatch $2,938 for sapporobbq.com on GoDaddy $2,753 for 93988.com on GoDaddy $2,175 for townrealestate.com on GoDaddy $2,030 for rusticadelivery.com on GoDaddy $1,998 for bookmytrip.in on DaaZ.com $1,688 for both lobah.com and scienceofmagic.com on BuyDomains $1,639 for carana.com on DropCatch $1,550 for time.tw on Sedo $1,525 for both ashtcohs.com and thehungaryjournal.com on GoDaddy

From brandable bling like mindtracker.com to geographic gold like melbournestar.com, this latest batch of sales illustrates the diverse array of domains in high demand across the aftermarket. With quality domains becoming increasingly scarce, expectations are that these valuable namespaces will continue commanding top dollar.