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Brandable .coms Lead June 5th Domain Sales

The after-market domain space saw another active day of sales on June 5th, with several brandable .com domains fetching four and five-figure prices.

The top sale went to attika.com, a nice brandable domain which sold for $9,806 at DropCatch. Baidi.com followed closely behind, selling for $7,755 at GoDaddy.

Other high value brandable .coms that changed hands include:

  • 9503.com ($6,201 at GoDaddy)
  • casalima.com ($4,288 at BuyDomains)
  • humanminds.com ($4,288 at BuyDomains)
  • carryons.com ($3,500 via private sale)
  • cloudcommerce.com ($2,700 at GoDaddy)
  • footies.com ($2,650 at GoDaddy)

Some interesting more descriptive domains also did well, like camgirl.org ($5,450 at Dynadot), reverent.org ($4,000 at GoDaddy), undercity.org ($3,105 at GoDaddy), and redr.org ($2,800 at DropCatch).

In the business/commercial category, notable sales included txsupply.com ($4,000 at GoDaddy), anyoption.com ($3,383 at GoDaddy), and wavescommunity.com ($2,750 at Namecheap).

There were a few sales in the food/dining vertical too, such as zenfood.com ($2,430 at GoDaddy), consciouskitchens.com ($2,288 at BuyDomains), eatstreetsocial.com ($2,505 at GoDaddy), and caribbeandining.com ($2,488 at BuyDomains).

Numeric domains remained in demand, with 187.net fetching $2,600 at GoDaddy and 63b.com going for $2,476, also at GoDaddy.

Overall, it was another solid day of sales in the aftermarket, with brandable .com domains being the main driver of the highest value transactions on June 5th.