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Big Sales for AI and Brandable Domain Names on June 4th

The domain name aftermarket was active yesterday with several high-value sales, including several artificial intelligence (AI) and brandable domains that fetched premium prices.

The most significant sale of the day was empathy.ai, a domain that was acquired for a substantial $15,311 at Dynadot. This sale is a clear indication of the increasing demand for descriptive AI-related domains as AI technologies continue to advance and integrate into more products and services.

Another AI domain, whiteboard.ai, sold for $5,900 at Dynadot. Whiteboard describes a familiar metaphor and interface for collaborative AI tools. Other notable AI domain sales included opennetwork.ai ($5,201), securing.ai ($3,952), invested.ai ($3,011), ehr.ai ($3,100), dil.ai ($3,049), ppe.ai ($2,306), tma.ai ($2,045), deterministic.ai ($2,034), and goalsetting.ai ($1,898).

The market for brandable .com domains also showed promising activity, with domains like deliciousness.com ($5,049), aversa.com ($3,551), and unsociable.com ($2,100) fetching significant prices. This trend suggests a growing interest in unique and memorable domain names.

Other exciting sales include:

  • Memezilla.com ($4,465) in the popular online meme space.
  • Seattletilth.org ($3,350) for an organization name.
  • Some geographic domains like nj911memorial.org ($10,250) and eastwestbrtmke.com ($3,850) for locations.

In the food/beverage category, ilovejuicebar.com brought $10,250, currybowlindiancuisine.com sold for $2,850, and pemaquidseafood.com went for $3,039.

Overall, it was an active day in the aftermarket for trendy AI and brandable domain names fetching four—and five-figure prices. With AI being one of the hottest technology areas, we’ll likely continue seeing premium .ai domains get scooped up over the coming years.