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AI Domains and High-Value Brands Dominate June 3rd Sales

The domain aftermarket was red-hot on June 3rd, with numerous domains related to artificial intelligence (AI) and high-value brandable names changing hands for five—and six-figure sums.

The standout sale of the day was the open. network at MetaAssets.com, fetching a staggering $ 100,000.network at MetaAssets.com. This versatile domain, with its potential applications in networking technologies, open source projects, and decentralized/open internet services and platforms, underscores the increasing value of descriptive domains in the tech industry.

Several other AI domains sold for premium prices, including stack.ai ($72,999), corporate.ai ($22,088), process.ai ($20,008), value.ai ($18,108), mysterious.ai ($17,599), operations.ai ($15,088), asian.ai ($8,100), rival.ai ($5,049), medtech.ai ($3,700), and titanic.ai ($3,006). As AI permeates practically every industry, concise and descriptive .ai domains are becoming precious digital assets.

Beyond the AI space, some huge brandable domains also sold for high prices, such as bring.de for $59,893, ajja.com at $35,000, maea.com for $9,449, and 3go.com for $8,655.

A few notable organizational domains also found new owners, including college-insight.org ($7,488), inversion.org ($5,950), thebellows.org ($4,138), 4kids.org ($2,850), and backtoworksafely.org ($2,550).

Geographic domains also did well, with fitzroycornwall.com selling for $3,550 and the catch-all under. I am going for an even $3,000.
Other exciting sales include the two-letter h66.com ($36,501), potentially a premium house number address, and make. Me ($9,255), theory.vc ($6,995), ecovillage.com ($3,950), algofinance.com ($3,499), clarity.vc ($3,000) and moneycoaching.com ($2,400).

June 3rd was a bustling day in the domain market, with a diverse range of interests represented. From hot tech trends like AI, to brandable one-worders, and even organizational/regional names, the market was abuzz. The standout was the open.network sale, crossing the $ 100,000 mark, a testament to the soaring value of the best descriptive domains in game-changing technological movements.