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I'm Lee Knights

I buy, sell, and develop premium domain names. If you landed on this page after searching for a domain, that means I currently own that domain name and may be open to selling it. 

What constitutes a great domain name?


The name should be short, distinctive, and catchy so that it’s easy for your audiences to recognize and remember


Choose a domain that closely connects to the product or service you provide, helping brand the value you offer


Avoid overly complex phrases, confusing spellings, or difficult punctuation to keep your name easily pronounced and typed.

Broad keyword application

 Incorporate widely used industry keywords to ensure your brand appears in relevant searches. These don’t have to be over optimized

Brand messaging

The domain should clearly and instantly convey your brand’s identity, tone, and promise to grabbing audiences early on.

Flexibility for growth

While connecting to current offerings, pick a brandable name that provides room to encompass emerging products or services you may add later.

Contact Me

If you would like a price request on one of my domains either reach out to us through social media or fill in the contact form making sure to type the domain name in the message here section. I aim to respond promptly to all inquiries. You may also reach me directly via email or WhatsApp—whichever method is most convenient.

About Me

My name is Lee Knights – as an established domain name investor, I have an eye for high-value, brandable internet real estate. I own a portfolio spanning names across diverse industries. If you have any inquiries about a particular domain I own or my domain services, please get in touch via the contact form on this page. I’m always exploring new opportunities to acquire or partner on interesting domains. Look forward to your message!